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Alexander Vocking was born in 1991, in Utrecht. Raised in a musical family, it didn't take long for him to come in contact with his first instrument, the guitar. And so began his musical adventure at the age of 5. Music soon played a major role in his life and after a visit to the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra he came for the first time face to face with the double bass. After being allowed to take a seat behind the instrument, the spark was quickly ignited and it did not take long before Alexander, at the age of 8, took his first double bass lesson at the music school in Utrecht, on his 1/10th size double bass.

Alexander joined the 'Domstad Youth Orchestra' and the double bass took an increasingly important place in his life, and so he stopped playing the guitar. At the age of 10 his musical path moved to Rotterdam, where he took double bass lessons with Peter Leerdam, at the conservatory of Rotterdam (now know as Codarts). First in the youth talent class and later to the preparatory course of the conservatory.

During this time there were several projects in which Alexander participated, including the Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands. But Alexander was also interested in other music styles in addition to classical music and this became clear when at the age of 16 he was given the opportunity to play in the Argentinian tango orchestra of the world music department of Codarts, called OTRA. The tango sparked his interest and when he started his bachelor studies he chose to take classes in two departments. The classical department where he took lessons with Peter Leerdam and the Argentinian tango department where he took lessons with Matthew Midgley. After having followed both studies for two years, he switched to a full-time study at the Argentinian tango department of Codarts and successfully completed his bachelor studies in June 2014.

After his bachelor he decided to specialize himself further in tango by following a master's degree in the same department. In these 2 years he had his main subject lessons from Matthew Midgley and Jasper Somsen. During his time at Codarts he went twice to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina and the tango, where he took lessons and masterclasses with big names from the tango world, including the bassists Ignacio Varchausky and Juan-Pablo Navarro. He successfully completed his master's degree in June 2016.

Alexander is still mainly active in the world of tango, but many music styles have since been added. Together with many different musicians he has been lucky enough to form or join multiple ensembles, such as LocosLindos, Nuevo Nocturna, Walton/vanDuinen, Tigual Trio, Gipsy Jazz Trio ATA, Base & a Flyer en Roffa Tango Trio.


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